Non-Casino Gambling

Gambling is definitely one of the most entertaining activities that can be found across any part of the world, providing it is kept within the playing limits. In simple words, you should not get addicted to it. Not many people know that gambling can be categorized into two different forms. They are –Casino Gambling Non-casino Gambling

In this article, we will provide you complete information about non-casino gambling. So, what does it means? Well, in simple words, gambling games that are organized outside of casinos are known as non-casino gambling games. Such games are mostly organized in private parties, charitable functions, exhibitions, and other such events. Bingo is one such fine example of non-casino games that have become amazingly popular in private parties, particularly among the women. In order to organize non-casino games you do not need to have any license from the gaming authority. Nevertheless, you should not make it a business.

Types of Non-casino games

So, now you have got an idea about non-casino gambling. Let us now provide you information about the types of non-casino games usually played around the world. Take a look below:Card games – Like its name suggests, card games are played using a deck of 52 cards and usually encompass multiple players. Card games under the non-casino gambling are usually easy to play, which makes it popular among the women. Bridge, Piquet, Teen Patti, Put, and Basset are some of the examples of card games.

Carnival Games: These types or games are based on chance and is usually offered at travelling carnivals. In addition, you can also find them at amusement parks, county fair, and charity fundraiser. Hanky Pank, Bingo, Lotteries, and The Razzle are the examples of Carnival games.

Coin-tossing Games: You can easily make a guess about these types of games. In such games, two or more coins are used and tossed in the air. Players place their bet on the outcome of the coins. For example, Two-up is a popular coin game in Australia. Head and Tail games are widely played all over the world.

Confidence Trick Games: Games in which the player is taken into confidence and then tried to deceive by the host are known as confidence trick games, such as the Shell game or the Three Card Monte.

Dice Based Games: These are the most popular types of non-casino gambling games. They are played with two or more dices; and the result is determined by the outcome of the rolled dice(s). Backgammon, Hazard, Threes, and Liar’s Dice are the top examples of dice based games.

Popular Options In Non-Casino Games

Let us now provide you some information about the most popular games that fall under the category of non-casino gambling games. Below are some of them:

Bingo: Quite truly, no other non-casino gambling game has become as popular as Bingo. Though it is true that bingo is also offered by casino sites, but the game is equally popular as charitable fund raiser. It is played with bingo balls (number printed on them) and bingo cards (with grids).

Backgammon: Also categorized under board games, it is played with 2 groups of 15 checkers, a doubling cube, and a pair of dice. Players have to move the checkers as per the outcome of the dice.

Lotteries: Almost everybody knows what this is all about. Tickets are sold with unique numbers printed on them, and the winner is determined by selecting a number on random basis. You can easily spot lottery game counters at charitable events.

Mahjong: This game has its origin from China, and it involves skill, strategy, and calculation too. It usually takes up to four players to play the game.

Top 3 Sites To play Non-casino Gambling Games

If you are really interested about spending your leisure moments by playing top non-casino games then you must take a visit to the sites mentioned below: It is one of the popular sites where you can play a lot of non-casino gambling games for free. Apart from Mahjong Solitaire, the site offer games like checkers, Blackjack, Pyramid Solitaire, etc. This site is definitely a heaven for those who love to play non-casino gambling games. The site offers wide range of games under the categories like card games, puzzle games, board games, etc. Backgammon is one of its prime features. This site has recently added a whole lot of new games under the category of non-casino gambling games, such as Russian roulette, Flip Cup, Rummy, Gin Rummy, Backgammon, and many more.

So, those were some information about the top three sites to take part in non-casino gambling games. Before choosing the site and playing the games, make sure to check out the payout percentage offered by the site.